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GPS Tracking for School Bus

Peace of mind guaranteed.
Most School Bus Tracking Systems are designed only from parents’ perspective. myly GPS tracking is designed with schools in mind.

Student has boarded school bus tracker


We aim to ensure best performance by providing schools best of the best solution

GPS Hardware

Myly provides GPS tracking hardware device for schools to track school bus easily

Sim Card

For a hassle free and easy to setup process, myly provides schools with SIM cards for tracking

Location Tracking on App

Our school bus tracking solution comes with parent app in which bus location can be tracked

Communication Suite

With our solution comes myly app which is an inbuilt school mobile app for parents to communicate with teachers

Installation & Training

We provide installation support and training for hassle free and easy use of our solution


Our dedicated team is there to help you out with any queries related to our school bus tracking solution


How it works? Morning

1 school bus arrival alarm

Arrival Alarm

2 school bus pick-up


3 school bus live view

Live View

4 school bus drop-off



1 school bus pick-up


2 school bus live view

Live View

3 school bus arrival alarm

Arrival Alarm

4 school bus drop-off


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